Yoga classes for people living with cancer


In January 2020, I completed a yoga teacher training specialising in teaching yoga to people living with Cancer. Whether you are a long-term cancer survivor or currently in treatment. These classes are designed to provide a safe, friendly space for your yoga practice.

Benefits of yoga for cancer:

  • build strength, increase range of motion and improve lymphatic drainage.

  • decrease pain and reduce stress, thereby improving sleep and reducing fatigue.

  • enhance energy, digestion, joint health, circulation, respiration and endocrine function. 

  • Soothe anxiety, increased sense of being grounded.

  • Help you feel more comfortable in your body, mind and spirit when you have been diagnosed with cancer.

These classes are suitable for people who have had a regular yoga practice or those who are complete beginners.

Currently, due to the COVID and the need to keep social distance, classes can be held on Zoom or in a small class setting, if you are comfortable being in a room with other people. These classes are just starting out so please contact me if you would like to attend and i will let you know all the details.

The classes will be small, a small class size ensures plenty of personal attention and guidance on suitable variations. The classes are also open to those caring for a family member or a friend.

Prior to coming along to class I kindly ask that you contact me so that we can have a chat about your needs.


You will need be reasonably mobile and be able to move independently. Have all surgical incisions healed and feel comfortable in a group setting.


If you’d feel are more comfortable with one-to-one sessions this can also be arranged.

Please contact me for more details, I look forward to welcoming you to a class.